About Kennebec Cider

Kennebec Cider Company was started in 2009 by Ben and Betsy Parks-Stamm. Our cider reflects the character of Maine apples-- tart, crisp, and flavorful. We grow apples here in our own orchard, and buy apples from other Kennebec Valley growers. We only press our cider once a year-- in the fall, when apples are at their peak flavor. We never use concentrates, flavorings, or artificial colors; just a blend of traditional New England apples. To bring out the apple in our cider, we allow it to slowly ferment and age at cold temperatures for up to a year. We then bottle our traditional and blueberry ciders in champagne bottles and allow it to ferment unfiltered a little more in the bottle, resulting in a natural carbonation. With the help of the Maine Technology Institute, we also developed a Maine Ice Cider, a dessert wine from apples naturally concentrated by our Maine winters-- each bottle contains over 20 apples!